Discover why you still don't have what you deserve

By Remembering Your 

Past Lives

What is the #1 thing you feel you deserve in life that you haven't received yet?

(No, but seriously. Answer this with me.)

Now here's the million-dollar question:


Why do you feel like you haven't received _______ yet?

Let's just breathe and sit in this space together mah' friend. 

Because this is not an easy question to face. 

Nor should you have to face it alone.

You see, there could be a ton of legit reasons why ________ hasn't happened for you yet. 

But the real reason why you Don't Have What You Deserve is This:

You Are blocking yourself from it & you don't even know it.


Subconscious limiting beliefs.

Right now, in this very moment, there is a part of you that feels like you deserve _______.

It's true. You do deserve it. 

But on the flip side, there's also this part of you that inwardly believes  "No. No, I don't deserve ________." 

That inner antagonist . . . that part of you that feels scared and undeserving . . . it's an example of a subconscious limiting belief.

Subconscious = means you have a belief about yourself that you aren't even aware of.


And it's those hidden beliefs you're unaware of that's keeping you from getting what you deserve.

Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

  • You've always stayed in that job or relationship you desperately wanted to leave years ago

  • You still feel guilty about that thing that wasn't even your fault

  • You seem to keep attracting the same type of person into your life over & over again

  • You probably have everything you've ever wanted & yet you're still not happy

  • You have trouble committing to something or someone even though you genuinely want to

  • You only just daydream about your passions instead of making them a reality

  • You keep giving your all in relationships, yet you never feel the effort or love reciprocated

  • You keep sabotaging yourself, your projects & your relationships over and over again

If you just raised your eyebrows and slowly nodded your head "yes" . . . 

then you are in the right place.

You see, 

Subconscious limiting beliefs suck

 And they're definitely not helping you.

But let's take a second & zoom out your perspective. 

Zoom your perspective wayyy out . . .

This is not the first lifetime 

where you've held these beliefs.

Let's let that sink in.

This life you're living right now. .  . the one where subconscious limiting beliefs are influencing your decisions. . . this is not the first lifetime you've struggled with this.



Fact: you have spent hundreds of lifetimes holding yourself back. Hundreds of reincarnations subconsciously believing un-true inner beliefs.

Let me explain . . .


Reincarnation is the idea that your soul has inhabited many different bodies & personalities throughout the span of time. 




You have spent

life . . . after . . . life . . . after . . . life

holding yourself back from what you feel you innately deserve.

And it's time to change that.


An intensive 3-week online experience created to help you finally get out of your own way by pinpointing the root cause of your current challenges through past lives.

I want you to take a moment & envision a life where you . . .

Experience freedom

The kind where you are no longer guilt - bound to the obligatory needs of your job, your kids, your siblings, your spouse, or your aging parents. Because we both know you’ll always help out + be needed, but the type of freedom I'm referring to is the kind where you fearlessly pursue your wants + desires despite all the obligations at home.

Know exactly what you want.
The kind of inspirational clarity + direction that leaves you feeling calm yet excited about what lies ahead next.

Experience peace

that comes from releasing years of built-up guilt + shame. Especially from that thing that happened years ago and was never even your fault. 


why you have yet to leave that job, relationship, or project that you wanted separation from years ago. Understand why you keep sabotaging yourself, your projects & your relationships.

Ultimately, understand the "why" behind why you don't have what you deserve.  

& finally start to believe that there is so much more to your
power + intuition + soul’s age than you previously believed possible. 

Finally find the answer
to that gnawing internal question that’s kept you searching + wondering for years. 

For real, all this can happen.

You just have to know how to discover + release your own subconscious limiting beliefs. 

Spoiler Alert: this is exactly what we accomplish in The Turning Point:)

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Note: All prices are listed in USD

During the 3 weeks of The Turning Point, you will learn to...


  • Understand the power of intent + how to lead your life with it in order to finally achieve what you want most.

  • Mentally see a past life on your own while remaining fully conscious + learn the skill needed to continue to see past lives on your own . . . by yourself!

  • Pinpoint the limiting belief that's holding you back right now. (Because that same limiting belief you have now has held you back for over hundreds of other reincarnations, too. Yes, hundreds.).

  • Experience those sought after spiritual "a-ha!" moments that answer the inner question of "why do I keep doing this to myself?"

  • Release that subconscious limiting belief with the help of Angels + gain the techniques needed to continue this practice long after the completion of this experience.

  • Heal from the pain and trauma caused from holding onto those subconscious beliefs for so long  .

  • Get out of your own way. On a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level.

 Let me tell you mah' story 

I'm Meredith!

Long story made short: A couple of years ago, I took a Reiki class and ended up having a kick-ass spiritual awakening that uncovered a latent ability in me to see others’ memories. Yes, the experience was as incredible + bizarre as it sounds. My gift basically allows me to intuitively see others’ memories in this life and past lives. 


So I opened up a practice where I paired this newfound ability with the art of Reiki energy healing. AND IT WAS FASCINATING. Working intimately on a 1 to 1 basis like this allowed me to understand the nuances of others’ thought + behavior patterns + how these patterns tend to repeat themselves through multiple different reincarnations.


These private sessions were great. But the more clients I saw, the more I realized that I could teach this instead. 


Let me be real with ya’ here, my ability to tell you your past lives is incredibly valuable.

But it is nothing like when you learn to see your past life memories on your own.  


So this is what spurred me to create The Turning point. Because the beauty of my gift doesn't lie within my own psychic knowing. It lies within my efforts to help you retrieve your own psychic knowing. 


1 Full Payment of

Note: All prices are listed in USD

The Turning Point

is broken down into 3different phases.


Phase 1: Guiding + teaching you to discover a past life.


Phase 2: Connecting + understanding how that specific life is influencing your life now.


Phase 3: Teaching you how to heal with the guidance of Angels + how to finally release what's holding you back.

Phase 1

The Power of Intent

Learn what an intention is and why it is so vital to use them. This point of this interactive guide is to teach you how to create your own intentions + how & when to use them.


Because look at it this way:

An intention is like the needle on your compass in life. And if you don't take charge of where it's pointing, it'll point ya' in all the directions you don't wanna go. 


So that's what this interactive guide does; it shows you how to point your needle in the desired direction & wakes you up to the fact that 


  • You control where you head in life

  • You chart your own course

  • You have the final say in everything that happens to you

The Past Life Experience

During this live group experience on Zoom, you'll learn how to remember past life memories on your own. 


After participating with me in The Past Life Experience, you will…


  • Have Mentally seen an actual past life memory

  • Know the skill of how to see past life memories on your own 

  • Be secretly impressed with your own intuitive abilities


That's right, you can learn how to do this on your own without me ever having to pull any memories for you. 


This is a powerful skill to learn. Why? 

Just for a sec . . . envision one of the best memories you've ever had. Seriously, go ahead and give it a shot. 


      >>>>Pause For Memory Retrieval<<<<


Now, can you imagine a reality where someone else describes that to you instead of you recalling all of that emotion + joy on your own?


Yea, the same principle applies to past life memories. This personal process of memory retrieval is so much more meaningful and insightful when you can do it on your own vs. me just telling you your past life memories. 


Another big reason to learn this skill?




This kind of empowerment I’m talking about is you. . .


  • strengthening your own innate psychic gifts

  • Validating to yourself there's more to ya' than previously believed possible. 

  • Proving to yourself you are indeed as spiritually + mentally powerful as you always secretly hoped to be


Phase 2

Connecting The Past To The Present

Knowing what time period you lived in, what job you may’ve had and what country you came from are cool aspects of past lives. Don’t get me wrong, they’re fun to find out. 


But those details are kinda pointless. 


You see, the whole point of knowing your past lives is this: 

Understand + connect + release your past so you can more fully experience your present. 



Because once you’ve completed this interactive guide, you’ll officially be able to . . .


  • Take your past life memory to the next level by understanding WHY a specific memory came up for you in the first place 

  • Make personal connections as to why you may act, behave, or think specific ways in this life now

  • Open yourself up to those spiritual "aha!" moments by finally answering your own question of “why do I keep doing this to myself”

  • Begin to appreciate just how strong, smart, and resilient you have been throughout your numerous incarnations simply by beginning to understand who you are now

This session can be conducted through


  • Phone Call

  • Zoom video conference

  • Email


It's your choice as to which way we connect! The main point of this session: to directly pinpoint the biggest subconscious limiting belief holding you back right now.


Once we’ve completed the 30 min session through Zoom, Phone call or email, you’ll have . . .


  • Full awareness of the #1 biggest subconscious belief holding you back right now

  • Understanding of how that specific subconscious belief played out in your past live(s)

  • Understanding of how that subconscious belief is playing out in your life now


And once you have understanding + awareness of this subconscious conscious belief, you can officially begin the process of letting it go. You can officially begin the process of releasing that limiting belief. 

30 Minute One on One Session

During this 30 minute private session, we will discuss how the past life you remembered on your own is impacting your life now.


During this one on one session, I will be using my intuitive gift and asking you personal questions to help you . . . 


  • Pick up on even more details to the past life you personally witnessed

  • Pinpoint the patterns that went on in that life + explain how those exact same patterns are affecting your life now

  • Process + discern any other nuanced connections involving your life compared to the past life



Phase 3

The Angel Experience

This is a live group session held through Zoom. In this guided healing, I teach you how to heal by working with Angels. 


You'll learn…


  • Who these specific Angels are


  • How they can specifically help you


  • How to call them in + how to ask for their help in releasing your limiting belief(s)


During this live group session, you will also participate in The Angel Experience. This means that I will be facilitating a healing session.  During the duration of the healing, I will be coaching you on how to . . .


  • Breathe + focus your mind 


  • Ease through the healing process


  • Redirect your focus if you get distracted


  • Let go of whatever is coming forward to be healed


Because Angels are incredibly loving beings and they want nothing more than to help you. You simply just need to invite them in, quiet your mind, and know how to redirect your focus when you get mentally distracted. 


Once you complete The Angel Experience, you will . . .


  • Have the tools + knowledge needed to call in the Angels on your own


  • Know how to refocus your breathing in the event you get distracted


  • Be familiar with the mental + physical sensations that occur during the healing process


  • Understand the significance of Angels + how they can continually heal you once The Turning Point is finished

The Mirror Process

By intimately answering the questions within this interactive guide, you will be able to…


  • Uncover numerous thoughts, feelings, behaviors and ideas you don't even know you have


  • Finally understand the "why" behind your thoughts, feelings, behaviors and ideas


  • Process + make progress with the very hurdles you've been struggling with your whole life


  • Gain clarity on why you haven’t achieved what you innately deserve


Because this workbook acts like a mirror; allowing you to truly see yourself.

Meaning: you can finally begin to witness yourself as the beautiful light you innately are. Not as the "less-than" version you've been led to believe.



  • Lifetime access to the recorded versions of both the Angel Experience + The Past Life Experience. 

  • Discover new past lives on your own over & over.

  • RE-experience The Angel Experience + healing that takes place every time you listen and participate!


How 'bout some proof:

Behavioral emotional intelligence

is the ability to recognize, understand & use emotional information about yourself that will in turn lead to effective or superior performance + better predict life outcomes.

Front. Psychol., 13 August 2018 |

We all innately have some level of behavioral emotional intelligence. And by tapping into this emotional intelligence through The Turning Point, we can approach life with a better understanding of how our behavior ultimately impacts our job, social life, creativity & life outcomes.


is when 2 independent lines of life intersect, creating a surprising, unlikely event that produces new possibilities. 


Why is this important?

Because understanding coincidences can help you with decision making, psychological changes, relationships, health questions, creativity, money problems, job issues & spiritual development. 

Beitman, Dr. B.D (2016). Connecting with coincidence : the new science for using synchronicity and serendipity in your life. Deerfield Beach, FL: Health Communications, Inc. 


Main point:
pinpointing coincidences through remembering past lives is a game-changer when it comes to understanding why you don't have what you deserve.


Dr. Jim Tucker, a child psychiatrist at the University of Virginia, has documented over 50+ cases of children remembering past life memories. There is no logical explanation for these children's memories, yet Dr. Tucker has identified 6 traceable characteristics that tend to repeat themselves in both the current life + the past life memories. 

Tucker, J. B. (2015). Return To Life. In Return to life: Extraordinary cases of children who remember past lives (p. 209). New York, NY: St. Martin's Griffin


This is significant
because it shows that our consciousness has a trackable tendency for certain traits and patterns to carry over into alternate lives.


How To Know If You Are Ready For The Turning Point

  • You crave answers about life. Like you have these deep existential life questions like "why am I here?" or "what am I supposed to do with my life?" and you're ready to start finding some answers.

  • You currently or have always had this gnawing curiosity about all things past lives + reincarnation.
    (hint: follow that curiosity homie, because that's your intuition begging you to discover something)

  • You're tired of feeling anxious every Sunday night before work and you’re ready to find out why

  • You recognize that you're fed up with staying in your job | relationship | current state of mind & you don't know how to get out of it. But you're open to figuring out the root reason behind it all

  • You harbor this secret or hidden guilt about something that happened long ago and you're tired of it popping into the forefront of your mind every time you feel the least bit calm or happy

  • You keep meeting friends, significant others and/or coworkers who all seem eerily the same. Like even though you ended a relationship with someone, you somehow keep meeting new people with similar characteristics 

  • You're sick of googling ways to fix your life in the hopes that you finally just like your life, much less love it

  • You're ready to experience love | respect | empowerment for yourself. By yourself. 

  • You're ready for some validation that you are indeed as insightful | intuitive as you’ve always yearned to be

...if you identified with at least 6 of thEse traits, then you are absolutely ready to experience The Turning Point.

"But how do I know if
the Turning Point

is NOT for me?"

Well, The Turning Point is NOT for you if . . .

  • verbally judging and disrespecting other participants is your main goal. Because open-mindedness + respect + genuine curiosity are the only things allowed in this space. 

  • You expect results without ever completing a single interactive guide. (Helpful hint: The Turning Point Works. But only if you do:)

  • You don't plan to attend the live meetings or the one on one session.  Don't get me wrong, urgent schedule conflicts happen! We're human. We reschedule and improvise on such occasions. But if showing up just isn't your cup o' tea, then please leave The Turning Point be;)

But if you're still with me this far down the page, then we both know you're a solid fit ;) (p.s: since this is the case, I’m so stoked to meet you + get started!)

The Turning Point combines my personal past life remembering technique + 30 min 1 on 1 session + Interactive Guides + Angel guided healing session.  I'm confident that these techniques & guides will totally work for you!

So much so, that I'm giving you The Discovery Guarantee: discover your #1 subconscious limiting belief or your money back. That's right, discover your biggest misbelief or you will receive a full 100% refund.

If you feel you did not discover your biggest subconscious limiting belief, simply email me at and it'll be taken care of:)


Last but not least . . .

I leave you with this:

You are intelligent. Intuitive. And powerful. 

And even if you don't believe these things about yourself, its true.

Once you begin the journey of getting out of your own way, the sooner you'll start to realize this about yourself.


Because you're worth it. You're worth whatever ______ you feel you deserve in life.  


But more importantly, you're worth love. So I finish all of this up with the utmost love and I send it to you in the hopes you'll one day feel it for yourself. 

1 Full Payment of

Note: All prices are listed in USD