5 Signs You Were A Witch In A Past Life

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Ever wonder if you were a witch in a past life?

Mah’ friend, there’s a damn good chance. But first, let’s clarify what a witch is!

Witch: a negative label for pretty much any female throughout history who was considered acting odd &/or unsavory. But more than that...the term “witch” was readily applied to any female who was simply misunderstood.

And by “misunderstood”, I mean someone who…

  1. was emotionally intelligent

  2. outspoken about her inner beliefs. Esp if they went against the community’s belief system

  3. had psychic or intuitive knowledge about death, paranormal events, plants, animals, rocks, food, birth, babies, children, &/or inexplicable natural events

  4. knew information about people or events even though they were never told

  5. could create innovative ways to cook, clean, plant, grow, harvest, heal &/or aid others without the advice of family, friends, husbands or religion

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So from my understanding, a “witch” was any female who showed that she understood more than her peers. A “witch” was basically just an intuitive woman.

You guys, there was nothing dark or spooky at play amongst our ancestral witches. They weren’t hags stealing children in the night only to boil their eyeballs in a giant cauldron. No. They were just innovators, healers or shepherds of life. And a lot of the time, they couldn’t explain why they knew what they knew…….and if they did..…..it only made them further misunderstood.

Which led them to be…

Judged. Labeled. Attacked.

I mean, isn’t that what unfortunately happens when we don’t understand something in life?

And if I had to share the #1 most repeated past life scenario I’ve seen over and over again, it would be this: a traumatic past life where someone was a witch.

So many of us have experienced a traumatic past life as a witch because so many of us fit the description of misunderstood. Add in the fact you were a female in a past life and you magically have yourself a recipe for traumatic death or undoing.

Yea’ man, alot of us were literally burned at the stake. We were tortured. Hanged. Stoned. You name it. It’s a grim reality and all this happened because we were misunderstood.

But let’s come at this from the other side. Let’s view this from the side of the persecutors.

Like, how terrifying is it to encounter someone who knows why this unknown plant is dangerous, while this other one is not?

Or how about trying to understand why your wife added that extra herb into the soup simply because she just “felt” like it gave the dish that extra nutritive advantage?

What about healing? How scary is it to have someone on their deathbed only for the town coo-coo lady to come in and save ‘em?

More obviously, how would it feel realizing that your wife/sister/daughter knew your deepest secrets even though you had never told a soul?

Having that kind of knowledge is power. And that intuitive power is terrifying if you don't understand it. Especially when that kind of power is coming from the gender that’s historically supposed to be all weak and needy.

And it’s sad. It’s sad it happened then. And it’s sad that it’s affecting our lives NOW. Yes, you totally read that right. Our past lives as witches are affecting our lives now.

Look at it this way: in this lifetime now, have you…

  • Been afraid of showing or sharing how many emotions you actually feel? Or afraid of being dubbed “extra” just because there are so many ins and outs to how you emotionally perceive yourself or a situation?

  • Been terrified of speaking out to your family, friends or coworkers about how you actually think, perceive, or view a situation? Esp if it goes against the grain of how they think or perceive it?

  • Repressed your own intuitive talents? Like, you sense or understand something about death, paranormal phenomenons, plants, animals, rocks, food, birth, babies, children, &/or inexplicable natural events…..yet you brush it off because deep down you feel crazy?

  • Known things about people or events even though you’ve never read, heard, or learned about it?

  • Created something that was really cool even though you can’t pinpoint how you got the idea?

Of course you have. And chances are if any of those bullet points resonate with you, then chances are you have a past life as a witch. Because it doesn’t matter what gender you are now. Men and women alike have cycled through this type of past life for a reason.

And that reason is because we are meant to learn from it. We are meant to access it, understand it, and move past it already.

Witches were judged hard back then. So hard that people for millennia to come suffer from it too. Because we’ve held on to this ancestral baggage through each and every reincarnation we’ve had.

But this life is different. Because my friends, in this life, it is time to release this burden.

And what are we releasing?

  • Our fear that we’re too much. Our worry that we have too much inner turmoil.

  • Our terror about speaking out. Even though we were freakin’ murdered for sharing our inner beliefs and ideals before, this time, we won’t be.

  • Our crippling self-doubt about how we intuitively sense and perceive the natural world. Because you’re not coo-coo anymore. We’re just eclectic.

  • Our inner turmoil that we may actually be spot on correct about what we feel in our guts and not bat shit after all.

  • Our self-defeating inner monologue that our creations and ideas are worthless simply because they’re different.

Yasssssssss witch yasssssss! And how are we releasing it?!?!

  • By realizing that at the end of the day, we are all 10 shades of extra, even if we are afraid to share it. And if someone or something can’t handle how much emotional genius we have to offer, then they need to get to steppin’.

  • We are speaking and sharing the truth in our hearts….to everyone we care to share with….. because those who genuinely need to be in our life will stay no matter what we have to say.

  • We are being open. We are being non-judgemental of ourselves. And we are actively extending love to ourselves as we ease through this self-doubt that has been weighing us down for…..forever.

  • We are gonna give ourselves some credit already. And we are gonna pat ourselves on the back because we are we are worth it…...no matter how different we feel.

Because we can do this. We can rise from the ashes of past misunderstandings. We can heal from the cyclical wrongs that’ve condemned us since the dawn of time. We can drop the act that we aren’t worth it.

Because this is our call to action. This is our cue to uprising. And we are going to do this ladies and gentlemen because it’s time. It’s time to release our past. It’s time to live in the present. And It’s time to move forward.

Because we’re worth it. And we know this. We just need a solid reminder from time to time. And we need to remember that whatever lies ahead, witchin’ ain't easy, but it's totally worth it.

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Source: A. Dürer via National Gallery of Art (CC0)

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