Law of Attraction: When It Works & Why It Doesn't

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

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The law of attraction: we've all seen it in every spiritual resource that was ever created. It's the idea that our thoughts literally become our reality.

You either thought this idea was bogus or you got super excited about how to make it work.

I'm no expert on the law of attraction. If I'm gonna be brutally honest, I barely grasp the very basic principles of it. I'm merely just a human on a journey to better understand myself and the world around me…...just like the rest of us. I can't share with you how to strike it rich or how to morph your body to look like Beyonce’s. But I can share why this “law” can be an awesome self reflection tool...

Let's paint a scenario:

Fictional Homegirl A wants a job that makes 120,000 a year. She wants a house, a car, and a body torn straight from a magazine. She sets an intent and gets all specific with what the house and the car will look like. Example Annie even creates a picture board with all the ideas of what she wants to manifest.

Fictional Annie releases her attachment to all of the stuff she wants the best she can. She purposely makes herself stop thinking about it. She tries to remain positive and carries on with her life.

Example girl also wants to be happy. She wants to feel confident about herself. So on that same manifest picture board, she has pictures of bikini clad models. She's got pics of all the cutest trends that she’s gonna wear with her 120,000 income and her magical flat tummy.

So let's take a second and talk about Homegirl Annie. Let's ask some questions and get to the root of her desires.

She wants cash. She wants cool stuff.

But what is her motive? What need does the cash and the cool stuff fulfill? Whenever we want something specific in life, it’s important to understand our motives. We need to ask ourselves “why” we want what we want. This technique of asking “why” is that self reflection tool I mentioned earlier.

What is Homegirl Annie's motive for why she wants all this money and stuff?

Deep down, example girl Annie is terrified. She is barely making ends meet with her current 9 to 5. She wants this money because it is her answer to dissipate her fear. Her fear of not having enough.


What is Homegirl Annie's motive for why she wants a runway style body?

Deep down, Annie is un-confident. This lack of love for her body stems from the fact that she does not love herself. She subconsciously feels that if she just looked like the models, then she could finally give her self the permission to love herself.

Lack of self-love.

Here are our root issues ladies and gentlemen. What example girl A really wants is freedom from her fear. She wants to be released from the fear of not having enough. What Annie wants deep down is to love herself. She wants society and her own brain to love her for who she already is, not the something she isn't.

So here's the problem: she is actually telling the universe... “I want to be stuck in my habit of being scared” “I want more stuff and more money so that I can secretly remain terrified of not having enough” "I want a thigh gap so that I can remain stuck in my cycle of self loathing" These are the messages she is sending out because example Annie has no idea of what is actually going on with her. She has no clue that there are root issues behind her desires.

But hang on, the universe delivered! She ends up manifesting her fortune! She magically achieves that model-esque body and she got all the fancy shit money can buy! Root issues be damned, she got what she was after anyways.

But guess what?

Example girl Annie still isn't happy. She goes to sleep every night in her dream home still not quite satisfied. She's skinny and toned as all get out, but she secretly feels like this isn't enough. She can't quite put her finger on “why” though. She has all the money?! And all the stuffs! She looks like the models!

What gives universe?!

Home girl Annie is still scared deep down. She still doesn't love herself deep down.

Let your takeaway be this: you have the potential to manifest whatever your heart desires.

Seriously! But what you get may not fit the description of all the stuff on your manifest board.

To truly comprehend why all the wrong stuff keeps happening, you need to understand the root of all your desires.

These are the roots of what home girl actually wants: 1. freedom from fear 2. self love.

What she wants is to be free from her fear of not having enough. She wants to love herself.

What she really wants deep down is to be at peace already. Homegirl Annie wants to be free from the inner strife she’s battled with her entire life.

Do you find any similarities between you and Example Girl Annie?

My homies, it is so important to understand yourself. Everything you really want already lies within you. Peace, self love and the ability to not be afraid…... are already within you. But you have to delve within and understand yourself before you can cultivate these things. As humans, we have free will. This is just a fancy phrase that describes our innate ability to choose whatever we want. But here is the caveat:

Only you can decide to free yourself from fear.

Only you can love yourself unconditionally.

Only you can give yourself the peace you so longingly seek.

You are the only one to free yourself from the aforementioned shackles.

Again, the law of attraction works. No matter what you actually manifest, know that whatever comes is meant to help you the most in that moment. It could be some amazing gifts or it could be a big ol’ dumping of lessons. Either way, there is something to be gained.

No matter what comes to us, we have to check in. We have to hit pause on all the internal chaos. We are encouraged to delve within and ask some intrusive questions: What do we want?

Why do we want this?

Only then are able to get to the root cause of what we want when we answer these questions.

So if you’re tired of failing and you’re ready to make some change happen… this. Write down everything you want. Pick one thing off that list and ask yourself “why do I want this?”. Know that understanding yourself is just the beginning to making that stuff on your list happen.

Be open and don't expect much. Because the lesson or the gift that comes to you is the perfect situation that needs to happen. Sometimes we just need a perspective shift in order to see it:)

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