5 Ways To Let Fear Go To Finally Make Shit Happen

Do you ever sit at your job, secretly daydreaming of what you’d rather be doing instead?

I do that.

Well, let me re-clarify... I used to do that.

I stay at home with my kids. And for the longest time, I'd only fantasize about what life could be like after the kids are in school. I would daydream about helping others with my spiritual know-how and it would all seem so exciting in my head.

But that’s just it. I'd only ever dream about it. I'd never let myself act upon it. And that's because I was scared. I was terrified at the idea of failing. I was nervous at the idea of rejection. And I was worried about how to logistically make it all work.

So my fantasy stayed stuck in my head. I never did anything with it. That is until I learned these life-changing 5 lessons.

1. I'm going to fail. And now I'm OK with it.

Sure, failing can still bring me down and make me second guess myself. But despite all the things I've done and screwed up royally, I’ve learned to view my failure differently. I've learned that my failures are my lessons. They’re my opportunities to grow. Ultimately, these failures have shown me that learning and growing is what success really is.

2. I’m not alone in my fears.

There’s something oddly comforting knowing I’m not the only floundering fish in the sea. And when I step back to realize this, I feel a fresh breath of confidence. Like there’s this weird sense of camaraderie knowing that everyone else shares my doubts and fears, too. Like everyone else is just as chickenshit about going broke, not feeling enough and being told "no" just as much as I am. And when I remember that in my moment of despair, I'm able to rise above my inner doubt. I'm able to move past it and I'm able to go out and make something happen.

3. I support myself like I am my own best friend.

This may be bizarre, but I will literally pretend that there’s 2 of me. I'll envision sitting and talking with her as if she's an individual completely separate from myself. And when I ask her what I should do when I'm all freaked out, she always asks this question: "If this scenario were happening to your best friend, what would you want her to do?". And since I love and support my friends wholeheartedly, I fearlessly end up supporting myself the same way too.

4. I listen to my body. *Most of the time

For instance: if I'm exhausted, I'll take a break. Like if I'm sleepy, I'll make a pact with myself to stop doing _____ until I've gotten some rest. Or if I've been staring at a screen too long, I'll make a promise to myself to leave my phone inside while I go for a stroll outdoors. Because making these "pacts" with myself is me taking care of myself.

I'm not always perfect with it, but if I've learned anything about letting fear go, it's that a stressed and exhausted mama is the breeding ground for fear. Therefore, listening and giving my body what it needs is the best prevention of it.

5. I ask for help.

There is always the fear of the unknown when starting something new. And the #1 most important lesson of all is that I’ve learned to ask for help. Because I’ve realized that I don’t have to go about this alone. Friends, family, therapists and even calling upon Angels are just a few of the outlets I’ll personally use when it comes to asking for guidance. Because Rome wasn’t built in a day (duh) and it definitely wasn’t built by one individual either.

But do you want to know the most interesting part of all of this? I’m actually still a stay at home mom.

The only difference is that now I'm no longer afraid. And that’s because I’m actively letting my fears go by following the list above. It’s not always easy. But I'm actually steering this fantasy into reality simply because I'm bravely doing something about it now instead of just doubtfully daydreaming.

So may my story & lessons encourage you to ignite from self-doubted fantasy into get-shit-done reality:)

All the love,


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