How To See your own past lives

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1. Download the workbook

2. Answer and fill out the questions.

3. Once you have your #1 fascination figured out from the workbook, listen and follow along with the video below!

Before we wrap this up, I want to address a couple of questions you probably have...

Was any of this even real?!

YES. You did not make any of this up and your mind is not playing tricks on you. What you just experienced was definitely a full blown past life. 

But how? How do I know this was a real past life?

It's real because you could smell stuff. Our olfactory senses (sense of smell) are directly linked to memories. This is true for this life and past life memories. 

It's real because you heard stuff. If you could distinctly hear things in this experience, this is a confirmation that it was a real memory. You can't make up or fabricate such detailed and specific sounds, man. You heard all these specific things because it was a genuine memory for you in a past life.  

It is also real because of how you felt within the past life memory. Because you felt pretty specific feelings, right? That’s because you actually felt that way in an actual past life.


Smelling, hearing and feeling are all big indicators that your past life memory is legit. You may've experienced all of these indicators or you may have experienced none. Either way, this was still a genuine past life memory that you recalled on your own.

Still skeptical?

If you’re still skeptical, I encourage you to take time and process this experience. Take time and mull it over for the next coming weeks and see if you can pinpoint an overall theme from the past life you experienced.


Once you think you’ve pinpointed that theme, pay attention to the patterns in your everyday life. More often than not, the very theme you were experiencing in that past life is the very same theme you’re living out in this life, too. That’s no coincidence.

Want more stuff like this?

How did it go?!

Seriously, let a girl know. I'd love to hear your experience:)

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