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Ever wonder why you...

  • Aren't happy no matter what changes you make?

  • Keep repeating the same mistakes in life over and over again?

  • Can't seem to make more money?

  • Find the career that speaks to you? 

  • Can't find the relationship(s) that resonate with you?

  • Gobble up spiritual books/podcasts/teachings like it's the last call at the "Save Yourself!" buffet?

If any part of you inwardly shouted


then you're in the right place

You crave answers, & I'm here to help you find them. 

But we're not gonna find any ol' answers. No, no dear friend....we're gonna find the root cause of our problems.


But in these soon-to-be classes, we're doing a hell of a lot more than just seeing past lives.

We will see past lives AND


we will figure out how these lives are impacting our lives NOW.

So if you're ready to...

  • Discover the origins of why you can't seem to find happiness

  • Experience that "A-HA" moment where you realize WHY you keep repeating _____ over & over

  • Understand your beliefs and behaviors directly linked to money & abundance

  • Dig deep and open up your consciousness to your life's purpose

  • Connect with yourself and others on a spiritually intimate level

  • Forge your own spiritual path guided by your own powerful self

Then I'm here to help you.


Because we are so much more. You are so much more. And you are finally in a place where you are ready to realize this.

So if you're ready to take this life-altering plunge & you're ready to rise up from the ashes of your current state...

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In The Meantime...

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