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 My name is Meredith 

...and I'm just your average shut-in with a questionable sense of humor. No, but seriously. 


I also happen to have an intuitive ability to see people's memories. It could be memories from this life or it could be memories from past lives. 


There. That's the tame version.


Oh, you want the gritty details? 

You want the gripping backstory?

You want to know what the hell I mean by "ability to see people's memories"?!


Well, take this as your fair warning...I use a lot of flowery language and I make odd life comparisons. But if ye' be a brave & interested soul, then proceed onwards!

Once upon a time...

 I graduated from nursing school only to discover I wanted nothing to do being a nurse.


*Overly Dramatic Gasp* 


Yes…....it's true. I'm one of the few who got outta school with a lack of direction and a sub-par resume.  


Psssh, "one of the few".  Who are we kidding? 


Raise your right hand if this happened to you too and ya’ totally feel me on this one! 


Or…... simply sit there quietly because we all know you’re not actually going to raise anything. Except, maybe your kids. Maybe. 


But speaking of kids, I do have two of the male variety. They're one of the main reasons I decided to not go to work as a nurse. 

This is how it all played out: I graduated, passed my boards, floundered through a couple of interviews and did a lot of magic 8 ball consulting only to decide to just stay at home. 




Man, I'm still figuring that one out. But it probably has to do with the fact that I had crippling anxiety doing any kind of nursing skill that wasn't just talking to people. And ever-present fluorescents make me antsy.

Do you ever feel like that? Like, anxious over something supposedly normal? Or ever feel eye twitchy around false lighting? Well, it totally happens to me. I get easily overstimulated when I'm around anything other than rocks and trees. 

So if you go through life acting as squirrely as I do, then you might have latent intuitive gifts too! And maybe, if you’re like me, ya’ just need a jump start to make ‘em crawl out of your proverbial woodwork.


Because that's what happened to me. My gifts were lying latent my entire life until one very special “jump start” day. 


What’s that you ask?

What is this “jump start” day that made my abilities spring up outta me like the undead in a low-budget, horror flick?

That's a fun story.

It all started on the day I decided to try a Reiki class. I actually hadn’t even planned to go. But I went because a good friend asked me to come along. 


So I walk in...experience the stuff...then proceed to feel absolutely normal. 


Until it was my turn to share. 


When it was my turn to talk about my experience, I just started to cry. Out of nowhere. Yes, I know. It is as bizarre as it sounds. Especially because I'm not a big fan of public crying. 


But all this crying happened because in that moment of sharing...in that moment of talking...I had a levy-break worth of past life memories come forward. All of a sudden, I remembered how many times I had been ______ to death. 


Go ahead and let your imagination run wild as to what the hell belongs in that blank. Because chances are, I experienced it in a past life and all of a sudden I remembered all of them in that split second of sharing.  


Yes, it was intense. And yes, remembering all of that in a split second was eye-opening.

But did the fun stop there?

Shit, no.

We were guided to test out our newfound Reiki skills on one another later that day. So as soon as I started working with others, I quickly realized that my newfound ability didn’t just stop with me. I found out I could see others' past lives too. To say I was flabbergasted by all of this is an understatement. 


And in the following weeks after that class, I slowly discovered even more nuances to this gift. I realized I could occasionally pick up on messages from deceased loved ones and even the occasional Guardian Angel.

Yepp, that's right. This “jump start” day was like being hit by a freight train. Where the cargo of that train carried spiritual gifts and the conductor of the train goes by the name “Destiny”. 


But believe it or not, I wasn't actually that freaked out by all of this. Tenaciously curious, yes…..but not too shocked. If anything, a lot of my life seemed to make a little more sense to me. Especially the bit about why Nursing was so challenging and why the Wal-Marts of America make me shudder.

But here's how my gift works:

I sit still, I close my eyes, and I simply pay attention to someone's energy. They could be in the room or they could be halfway around the world. It doesn’t really matter. 


But when I focus, I just start "seeing" things. "Seeing" meaning I watch images play out in my mind. Kinda like watching scenes from a movie. Except, instead of an actual movie, its scenes of people's memories. I know it's people's memories because I can describe what I'm seeing to the person and it usually fits the description of their own memory. 


What comes up when I focus like that could be memories from this life or it could be memories from other lives. And they fall all over the spectrum, too. Memories can range anywhere from joyful to traumatic, with every other emotion in between. It really all just depends on the person. Typically, the memories that come up tend to reflect a need the client has. 


But don't worry, I only use my ability when I intentionally use my focus and when given express consent. Because I'm not just gonna bop along the street tapping into whoever walks by. Not only would that be exhausting, but it would also be wrong. 

But I digress!

Once I had settled down from this trainwreck of newfound spiritual gifts, I was encouraged to put myself out there. I was encouraged to do something with these abilities. 


So I did. I started a Reiki practice and I paired my intuitive abilities right along with it. And from this practice, I learned this:


  • No matter where we come from, no matter what we look like and no matter how different we are...we are all the same. We all suffer from the same stuff. We all wonder about the same questions and we all want the same things in life.


  • There is an artform in understanding life's cyclical patterns. Meaning...our feelings, our behaviors, our beliefs and our thoughts are very habitual. They are very repetitive. So much so, that you can track them in this life AND in a past life and proceed to be shocked at how similar the two are. 


  • I learned I can teach people how to see and remember past lives on their own. How? Well, it's a combination of those first 2 bullet points. I'll be spending the rest of my life expanding upon that statement. But for now all you need to know is that…

You see, there’s a reason I keep chattering on about all of my extraneous life details. 

It’s to make this point: I haven't always had these intuitive gifts. But there have always been signs hinting that I may have had a spiritual gift. Signs like…


  • Irritation when around false, unnatural lighting. 

  • Anxiety when working with people who are in emotional/physical/spiritual pain because I could feel it too. Also known as empathic abilities!

  • Being easily overstimulated by loud noises, artificial smells, traffic, crowds and anything and everything involving a Best Buy. 

  • Bizarre feelings when entering a room where an argument just took place, old houses and anything considered haunted. 

How do I know this? 

It's because you are you.


That's no marketing scheme. And it's surely no small statement. Think of it this way:


You're looking for answers, right?

You're looking for your life's purpose, right

You're looking for that magical _______ so your life finally feels on track, right?


Of course you are. It's because you are you.
And you’re on a mission. 


You’ve been on it your entire life. And there’s something terrifyingly magical about everything going on in your life right now. You don’t quite understand it yet...but you can feel it. 


It’s because you feel this draw to do something different. You feel this magnetism to change. You feel parched for truth because it is the only elixir that can quench this thirst engulfing your life. 

But the tides are changing. 

The sands are shifting.

The earth is rising.

And because of all this literal, metaphorical and figurative change I keep romanticizing about, we are in a position to make something happen. 


We are in a position to make change happen. 


Because we’re at a point where we simply can’t maintain a straight face for the bullshit anymore. Nor should we have too. 


We’re at a point where we know we are going somewhere, we just don't know how yet.


And we’re at a point where we don't know exactly what we want, but we fantasize about how it’ll feel once we get there. 


Because change is our mission. Growth is our calling. Enlightenment is our pact. 


And we’re ready.


We’re ready to discover that our “squirrely-ness” isn't actually an anomaly. It’s just our newly budding intuitive or psychic abilities telling us to make space for them already. Because deep down, we all have these sorts of gifts.


We’re ready to leave behind that _______ that drains us. Whether it be a job, a relationship, a habit, a fear, or a subconscious misbelief. Whatever it is, we're ready to let it go. We're ready to propel forward. 


We’re ready to find connection already. Connection to our earth. Connection to other souls whose light simply reflects our own. And most importantly, connection to ourselves


Because we are ready. You are ready.  

The thing is, you know this.

The reality is, you want this. 

The truth is, you're doing this. 


I'm just here to ask you the right questions. Because you have your own answers. You have your own advice. 


I'm just here to support you. Because all this change I'm talking about can feel...tumultuous. And it's reassuring to be able to spot the lighthouse amidst your perfect storm. Especially when this metaphorical lighthouse is a grounded, open-minded community ready to listen and provide traction when your ship feels like its ready to crash.


I'm just here to help you uncover the puzzle that is your journey. Aiding you in unlocking the pieces from this life and all the other lives too. To help you see and appreciate all your individual pieces because they’re g̶o̶o̶d̶,̶ ̶b̶a̶d̶,̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶u̶g̶l̶y̶  downright interesting. 


Because when you can understand all these pieces, you gain perspective and put it all together for yourself. Because when glued together, one can step back and finally admire who the hell one is from a bigger perspective. Both in this life and the past. Because your soul is timeless. And your soul is ready.


Ready to change.

Ready to grow.

Ready to release. 


Because your soul is finally ready to expand and enlighten.  


So if you’re ready to take that next step in this mission, and you’re ready to honor this sacred pact...click here


Because trust me, my friend, we only ascend from here;)

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And I want you to know you’re not alone. 


Quite the contrary. You’re surrounded by like-minded people even if you feel like you were born into the wrong family. You’re surrounded by thousands of other undercover weirdos and we all feel this enormity, too. Even if we don't live right next door, we're here and we're meant to connect. No matter where we're located. Because we all feel the pull of this mission. We feel it as if it were the beating of our own heart.


But what the hell is this mission I keep harping on?!


Well...this mission is a pact. It’s a pact we made long before we were born.

This pact I’m talking about is the desire to change.


We feel it tugging deep down in our guts. 


It's the desire to change our jobs. Our relationships. Our health. Our income. Our habits. Our destiny. Ultimately, it's the desire to change ourselves. 


But its more than the desire to change. It's the desire to grow. To learn. To expand. To enlighten. 


Because we’ve been thinking about making these changes for a long time now. Shiiiiiit, ya’ve probably been brooding over them for decades now! And it’s fucking scary to believe one can actually do anything about it.